About Phillip Thomas Tucker

Phillip Thomas Tucker, Ph.D

A critically-acclaimed author and ground-breaking historian, Phillip Thomas Tucker, Ph.D., has leveraged his extensive background in the fields of history and education to produce more than 30 books, including a number of “New Look” works of distinction, recounting a wide range of important historical events through original research and a distinctive narrative style. The majority of Phillip Thomas Tucker’s works focus on forgotten aspects of American history, but he has also explored key turning point moments in America’s story. His most recently-published book, for instance, is “Alexander Hamilton’s Revolution: His Vital Role as Washington’s Chief of Staff,” while he has also authored “Pickett’s Charge, A New Look at Gettysburg’s Final Attack”; “George Washington’s Surprise Attack: A New Look at the Battle That Decided the Fate of America”; “Death at the Little Bighorn, A New Look at the Last Stand”; and “How the Irish Won the American Revolution, A New Look at the Forgotten Heroes of America’s War of Independence.”

Additionally, Dr. Tucker has written detailed accounts of dynamic female figures who were ahead of their time and the interesting stories that surround them, including Cathy Williams, Anne Bonny, and Emily D. West. For more than two decades, his books have received positive reviews from America’s leading historians and major publications, including the New York Times and Publishers Weekly. Prior to working solely as an author, he served as a professional historian with the United States Department of Defense from 1989 to 2010. He received his Ph.D. in history from St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri, in May 1990.

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